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Can The World's Best Hide and Seek Player Beat His Best Friend?

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After the finale of “Hidden in Plain Sight” at Vat19, Danny hides from Jon on their new channel, Randomonium. Can you find him before Jon does?

Jon & Danny helped create Hidden in Plain Sight – a popular hide and seek challenge –at their former channel Vat19. When that series ended, many fans were left wanting more. So Danny devised a clever plan to hide at The Edge - home of go karts, arcades, theaters, and a huge laser tag arena. But this time, he isn’t hiding from his boss all day; he’s hiding from his best friend.

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The brand new channel for two best friends and former Vat19 creators whose wild ideas have produced some of the most-watched commercials on the Internet. We’re Jon & Danny, and this is Randomonium.

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