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DJ Freebase - Remedy Presents AUS & UK DNB Showcase

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We're back with a hefty line up of talented AUS & UK upcoming and established DJs, throwing down cutting-edge DnB on Saturday 24th April for "Remedy Presents: AUS & UK DNB"!!!

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Get to know the DJ:
DJ Freebase (Swindon, UK)

Growing up in Bristol, Freebase was surrounded by Drum & Bass early on, but it was after his brother gave him a copy of Moving Shadow’s ‘Storm from the East’ that he properly fell in love with the genre. Getting his first decks at 17, Freebase has been spinning for 19 years, playing local nights such as Low Frequency, Liquid Garden and SN1Fest, and supporting DJ Marky at High Rollers. His broad love of Drum & Bass is clearly evident in his mixes, with sets rarely limited to any sub-genre, as he seamlessly switches energy from bass heavy hitters, to rolling liquid and jungle, whilst always maintaining a coherent sound. Be sure to check out his mixes on Soundcloud.

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