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Drum & Bass : Drumfunk - Stitch - Assonance & Jim Bane

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April sees the release of Stitch, a breaks focused masterpiece from the mighty due Assonance and Bane. A moody track that will leave you unsettled; one to rattle your cranium with its rich bottom end.

The result of an experiment, the pair randomly assigned percussion to a sampler group in an effort to muster some creative inspiration; stitching together a complex array of breaks before meticulously editing the arrangement over several months.

With an epic 180 channels of audio carefully orchestrated, Stitch is, no doubt, an insanely complex tune; one that those who love complexity will appreciate the wonder. Another artsy addition to the ever-burgeoning Hex catalogue and one we know will stand the test of time.

Stream it. Love it. Share it. Repeat.

Available from the 15th April

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