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Horror Short Film "Coming to Light" | ALTER (CONTENT WARNING)

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CONTENT WARNING: This film contains subject matter dealing with child sexual assault that may be sensitive for some viewers.

21 year old Aaron is trying to come to terms with the sexual abuse he suffered as a child, except the trauma has manifested itself as a terrifying monster.

"Coming to Light" by Hector Bell

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More About "Coming to Light":
Aaron was a victim of sexual abuse as a child and has lived for more than half his life with the burden of this dark secret. As a result of this he has had to adjust to a life where the physical demon of his trauma is with him everywhere he goes. When a police investigation is launched into his abuser, he becomes conflicted between carrying on with life socially imprisoned by this monster or coming forward about what happened to him and subsequently confronting his demon head on.

"Coming to Light" Credits:
Writer/Director - Hector Bell
Producers - Cameron Armstrong, Hector Bell
Executive Producers - Jimmy Carroll, Alfie Goffey
Director of Photography - Declan Duffy
Composer - Jamie Farrington
1st Assistant Director - Anton Arenko
Editors - Stanley chew, Hector Bell
Gaffer - Jed Irwin Zappa Ponsford
1st Assistant Camera - Harry Plunkett
Grip - Cameron Armstrong
Steadicam Operator - Ali Moore
Spark - Michal Kedracki
Sound Design - Jamie Farrington
Sound Recordists - Samuel Keene, Alfonso Santos
Additional Sound - Luke Munday
Production Designer - Hector Bell
Art Directors - Neve Marinou, Rachel Stubbs
Concept Artist - Harry Coke
Post Production Advisor - Callum Richards
VFX Advisor - Maksym Bubnov
Colourist - Tim Martin

Aaron - Jack Roper
The Monster - Norvydas Gisleris
Mum on Phone - Susie Bell
Friend in Shop 1 - Charlotte Baylis
Friend in Shop 2 - Lloyd Hat

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