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Mariah Carey - We Belong Together (The Lonely Hearts Remix)

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A remix from me, using the multi-tracks. I basically made this into an extended version as I always liked the feel of this song in it's original incarnation - it sort of has a High School romance vibe feel to it in my personal opinion. That's what comes to mind, anyway and I wanted to keep this vibe and so I really did not make any real major tweeks.

When I first heard this song, the fade-out always struck me as premature. The fade happens as Mariah is holding out the last note of "together", and while that can be a fade-out point, somehow it seemed like it should have kept going. I thought it was only on the radio edit but the album version is the same length. Once I put all the tracks together, I played the song and indeed the way it ends sounds much more fitting. While some arrangements simply stop, as the producer intends for the song to fade out and has the musicians simply just stop, this was not the case here. Instead, the arrangement reverts back to the piano melody in which the song opened with but ends with a different last note.

For my remix, I start out in the song's outro portion with the backing vocals singing the chorus over the strings, this naturally goes into the piano melody that both begins and ends the song and then cut into the song's beginning with the beats coming in. Among the multi-tracks is an alternate vocal take and so I use it for the first verse and then revert to the regular vocal take for the second verse and the would-be outro. At that point, I go into my extended portion with an instrumental passage and then revisiting the second verse and proceed from there with the alternate vocal take so when the outro repeats, it has a different vocal styling. In this way, it sounds as if the song was made like this to begin with like when the singer will repeat a verse or chorus but sing it differently or with more urgency, passion or whatever. I close out the remix with the song's piano ending that the original fades-out just short of.

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