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PSFMer - Train to Tartarus [Drum and Bass]

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As per my tick tock cycle of music, I wanted to do something darker after my more ambient-ish drumfunk submission in Equinity. Came across a sort of muted horn sample from a sample pack and the track pretty much grew by itself from there. I went ahead and made a similar sounding horn in Serum using FM synthesis and playing with a LPF LFO. I was pretty satisfied with the drums too. Layered a whole bunch of snares and shaped them using EQ, saturation and the default FL soft clipper. I have been studying how waveforms look like on professional dnb tracks and I notice that most of them have visible kicks and snares even when there is sub bass present. I guess that shows that the snares are typically mixed pretty loud in relation to other instruments (it is called drum and bass after all). So I went ahead and made some mixing changes and increased the volume of the snare etc. But then it started peaking and digging into the limiter too much in my master chain, so I added a soft clipper to just chop off some of the transient and add some density to it. Worked pretty well I think, because the snare transient still snaps through the mix.

Overall very satisfied with this one. Now I only wish to hear it on a big sound system to see how it translates.

Huge thanks to Violin Melody and all the staff at A State of Sugar for working hard on this compilation album. There are also tons of great songs by talented producers, so please go check it out!!

Artwork by myself

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