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The Black Keys - Going Down South [Official Music Video]

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Watch the official music video for “Going Down South” by The Black Keys from the album Delta Kream. Pre-order new album Delta Kream out May 14th via Nonesuch Records: ​
Music video directed by Ryan Nadzam

Listen to the new song here:

0:21 - Blue Front Cafe, in Bentonia, MS. The oldest juke joint in America owned and
operated by Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, the original owner's son
0:31 - Town of Como, MS, home to Mississippi Fred McDowell
0:41 - Chulahoma Community
0:49 - The Burnside Palace
1:54 - Aikei Pro's record shop
2:00 - Blues Alley in Holly Springs, hometown of Junior Kimbrough
2:22 & 3:40 - The Hut in Holly Springs (site of the Junior Kimbrough Cotton Patch Blues Music Festival)
2:40 - Nelson Street in Greenville MS, the hometown of James “T Model” Ford

* * * *

On May 14, The Black Keys release their tenth studio album, Delta Kream, via Nonesuch Records.
The record celebrates the band's roots, featuring Mississippi hill country blues standards that they have loved since they were teenagers, including songs by Burnside and Junior Kimbrough, among others.

Delta Kream Track Listing:
1. Crawling Kingsnake
2. Louise
3. Poor Boy a Long Way From Home
4. Stay All Night
5. Going Down South (Robert Lee Burnside)
6. Coal Black Mattie
7. Do the Romp
8. Sad Days, Lonely Nights
9. Walk with Me
10. Mellow Peaches
11. Come on and Go with Me

Follow The Black Keys:

I'm going down south, I'm going down south
Going down south, I'm going down south
Chilly wind don't blow

I'm going with you babe, I'm going with you babe
Going with you babe, I'm going with you babe
Don't care where you go

Some other man, some other man
Some other man, some other man
He's always hanging around

I'd rather be dead, rather be dead
Rather be dead, I'd rather be dead
Six feet in the ground

I'm going down south, going down south
Going down south, I'm going down south
Chilly wind don't blow

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