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The Colonists Console Trailer | The Colonists Is Coming To Console May 4th!

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The Colonists is a relaxing city building game inspired by classics like Anno and The Settlers and it's coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox on May 4th!

Enjoy this relaxing settlement building game inspired by classics like Anno and The Settlers. The Colonists combines charming robots and automated production to make a satisfying settlement building game. Construct road, boat, and train transport systems. Harvest resources and set up production lines. Discover new lands and battle for survival.

• Harvest: Gather Resources like wood, iron, stone, fish, and lots more
• Refine: Turn your resources into useful items, like bread, bricks, and planks
• Build: Create homes, farms, and factories for your bots to live in and work on
• Research: Advance technologies from steam trains to space rockets
• Expand: Increase the complexity and reap rewards as you chase productivity zen
• Campaign: 14 missions split into separate peaceful and military branches
• Sandbox Mode: Customise various game settings to play the game how you like
• Challenge Trophies: Special speed-run challenges which test the most expert colony builders

We’ve worked hard to make The Colonists just as awesome on console as it is on PC, here's what's new:

• New Controls: Re-designed controls from the ground up to feel natural and fun on consoles
• Controller Optimized UI: Re-imagined user interface to be more accessible for players of all types
• New Robot hats: Some little cute touches here and there including some snazzy new robot hats (TeaBot's hat is our favourite!)

Developed by Codebyfire, Mode 7, & Auroch Digital & Published by Auroch Digital.

✨Sign up below to stay up to date with all the latest news about The Colonists console release! To celebrate the launch We’re running a giveaway and ten lucky people Signed up to our Colonists mailing list will get a free copy of the game! ????

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