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WASTE of Dev Time? Wot Console Update News - World Of Tanks

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Wot Console Update news for modern armour tanks. A look at the new update coming to World of Tanks console update as part of this wot weekly news update series on my channel. Checkout more wot console update for both wot ps4 and wot xbox one on the channel! Hope you enjoy your tanks!

This world of tanks console modern tanks update video for update shows the latest news for the game and highlights wot's to come this week on tanks ps4 and xbox one as wargaming produce some more wot console content updates! If you want to see more world of tanks content then subscribe to the channel and like the video! I will keep you up to date with the news on world of tanks console and ensure that your ready waiting on your xbox one or ps4 wot when the update drops knowing you have all the info and news!

Checkout more wot content here on my console world of tanks channel, I regularly do update news, wot guides for ps4 and xbox one and much more. Stay tuned for more tanks action coming daily!

Eclipse - World of Tanks Channel - Wot Console

Wot Update News Playlist:

World of Tanks Modern Tanks Playlist:

How to get better at world of tanks playlist:

00:00 - Intro
0:47 - 3D Commanders
07:24 - This Weeks News

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